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Q. 1- The women’s world cup preceded the inaugural men’s edition of 1975. When did the women first stage their tournament?

Q. 2- Who scored the first century in World Cup history?

Q. 3- Which was the team that competed in the 1975 edition that never competed again under the same banner?

Q. 4- Who Captained India in the first and second World Cup in 1975 and 1979?

Q. 5- Who was the first Indian to win a Man of the Match award?

Q. 6- Who was the manager of the Indian team at the 1975 world cup?

Q. 7- How many boundaries did Sunil Gavaskar hit during his infamous 36 not out in 60 overs against England in 1975?

Q. 8- Who replaced the injured Garry Sobers who was initially chosen in the 1975 West Indies squad?

Q.9- How many World cups did Aaustralian fast bowling legend Dennis Lillee compete in?

Q. 10- Name the umpire who stood in the first three World Cup finals.



1.1973, 2. Dennis Amiss (England) 3. East Africa 4. S.Venkataraghavan     5. Farokh Engineer

6-GS Ramchand, 7- One four, 8- Rohan Kanhai, – Two, 1975 & 1983, 10-  Harold Dickie Bird.

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