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Posted by librarykvongole on May 5, 2011



PURITY is the Mother of all virtues

LOVE is the Queen of all virtues

PEACE is the King of all virtues

TOLERANCE is the Throne of all virtues

FAITH is the Crown of all virtues

TURTH is the Foundation of all virtues

PATIENCE is the Fortress of all virtues

MATURITY is the Protector of all virtues

STABILITY is the Bridge to all virtues

REFLECTION is the Secret to discovering all virtues

INTROSPECTION is the Road to all virtues

DETERMINATION is the Key to acquiring all virtues

COURAGE is the Heart of all virtues

HONESTY is the Companion of all virtues

SWEETNESS is the Taste of all virtues

HUMILITY is the Fragrance of all virtues

SIMPLICITY is the Beauty of all virtues

CHEERFULNESS is the Evidence of all virtues

CONTENTMENT is the Proof of all virtues

RESPECT is the Demonstration of all virtues

EASINESS is the Nature that allows all virtues to flower.


Become the embodiment of all virtues and realize the great value of your life.





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