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Posted by librarykvongole on June 16, 2011

The property by which a stressed body returns, comes back to its original state after extending is called elasticity. A familiar example is a rubber band. You stretch it and then release it, it snaps back to its original state. Why are bodies elastic? To understand that we must understand that in any body, the atoms and molecules are bonded together, but that bonding is not rigid. It is spring like. So it is stretched and comes back after the force stretching it is removed.
Of course, there is a limit. If the force is beyond what is called the elastic limit, the bonding grows weak and the body does not come back to its original position even when the force is released.
The stress is directly proportional to the strain. This is Hooke’s law.
Strain=change in length/original length.

By- S. K. Pandey.


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