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Posted by librarykvongole on December 7, 2011



Q. – How Indian CFLs are not safe?

Ans. – The news item ‘Hazardous mercury levels in energy-efficient CFLs’ and the editorial

 ‘Handle with care’ pertaining to high levels of mercury content in the Indian CFL

 (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) was an eye-opener. CFLs made in the US and the UK has

 4mg of mercury against 21.21mg used in Indian CFLs. Leakage from a broken or an

 improperly disposed lamp could adversely affect vital human organs like liver over a

 period of time.

It can cause neurological problems and is also harmful to pregnant women and children.

 The Government should direct CFL manufacturers to use latest technology in the

 manufacturing process and use less amount of mercury.

We have lead-free petrol and lead-free paint then why not CFL with least mercury levels?

By- S K Pandey



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